Covid 19 - Deep Clean & Disinfection Service

Harrington Environmental offer a Covid-19 (Coronavirus) deep environmental clean & disinfection service and independently certify the areas affected with Covid 19 for safe re-occupation on completion to ISO 17020 (Inspection).


To effectively prevent further contamination and spread of Covid-19 infections, a specialist controlled deep clean and disinfection, with independent clearance for safe re-occupation on completion is recommended.


We are HSE approved contractors specialising in hazardous environments with specific Covid-19 insurance cover. We follow strict WHO / HSA Covid-19 deep clean protocols in a discreet manner when decontaminating rooms or facilities that have been frequented by people diagnosed with dangerous illnesses from bacterial infections or viral infections, such as the current SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19 pandemic outbreak (Coronavirus)


As HSE approved contractors with specific Covid-19 insurance cover, we are required to follow strict control measures in terms of safe Covid-19 deep clean decontamination & disinfection procedures, which are certified for safe re-occupation on completion by an independent ISO 17025 testing laboratory. 

Please contact us if you answer yes to any of the following questions,

  • Can a Covid-19 Deep Environmental Clean applying strict HSA / WHO protocols be of service?

  • Can automated fog disinfection machines providing 100% surface coverage be of service?

  • Can a "Clearance for Safe Re-Occupation", by an ISO 17025 independent testing laboratory be of service?

  • Can using a HSE approved contractor with haz training, equipment & specific Covid-19 insurance cover be of service?

Harrington Environmental offer low risk cleaning service of non-essential buildings and independently certify for safe re-occupation. Currently we can only offer deep clean & disinfection in buildings for essential service provideds until the Department of Health ease safe at home restrictions. Please see the links below to the Governments list of essential services providers, and the National Standards Body Workplace Protection Guidelines

Unlike previous SARS outbreaks, recent evidence has shown that SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19 pandemic) has the ability to cross contaminate and spread rapidly in areas that have been contaminated. Public places and communal areas are potentially higher risk areas and require strict hygiene controls in place to prevent the virus spreading further. Harrington Environmental are HSE Approved Contractors who are fully trained and insured to remove and environmentally clean hazardous areas following strict controlled measures. We are ARCA site audit accredited contractors certifying that we adhere to strict safety procedures prior, during and post deep clean & disinfection, as part of our accreditation. Our years of experience implementing safe decontamination and environmental cleaning procedures ensures peace of mind in tackling the Covid 19 virus, using fog disinfectant machines, Coverall PPE, Full-Face RPE and 3 stage shower decontamination units.


If you are a health & safety duty holder and wish to prevent the possibility of further infection from Covid-19 contamination in a room or facility, a Covid-19 deep clean by an specialist contractor with specfic training, equipment and Covid-19 insurance cover protection, is recommended as soon as possible.

For further advice please do not hesitate to contact us.


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