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Covid-19 Deep Clean & Disinfection

There are striking similarities between how the SARS-Cov-2 virus and Asbestos fibres both cause similar respiratory illness, with the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) currently having a far bigger impact due to the alarming speed at which it develops. Applying procedures and specialist equipment used every day in the asbestos industry to suppress and decontaminate is proven to stops cross contamination and the spread of viral infection through staff coming into contact with it. This has been demonstrated in medical facilities with zero staff infection who have adopted such measures.

The last line of defense Harrington Environmental use in the asbestos industry to protect our employees during the removal, cleaning and decontamination process is powered full face mask respiratory protection, with each employee requiring annual training and face-fit testing. This procedure ensures trained employees are only permitted into a contaminated enclosure with their full-face mask on until the area is clean and certified for safe re-occupation. Full face masks with face fit testing, closes off the 5 avenues (Eyes, Nostrils, Mouth) that asbestos fibres and a virus, such as SARS-Cov-S, Covid-19 requires to enter inside a person to infect their lungs (cells). Another strict procedure Harrington Environmental follow to protect our employees is 3 stage shower decontamination. This allows our crews to remove their PPE coveralls in the dirty end, shower (with mask remaining on) in the middle section to remove contaminants, and leave through the third section (mask off) in civil (home) clothing, fully decontaminated at the end of their shift. Another strict procedure we must follow to protect our employees are sealed (smoke leak tested) enclosures that are kept under negative air pressure. This is to supply (Hepa filtered) clean fresh air (? changes per hour) into the work area. This process eliminates leaks and removes contamination lingering in the air (asbestos fibres / SARS Covid-19 vapor) that would otherwise cause harm. Another reassurance Harrington Environmental offer is insurance with standard insurance policies excluding working in Asbestos or Covid-19 contaminated areas that can lead to fatal respiratory illness. This is the case with asbestos insurance, in that all standard insurance policies contain "work involving asbestos" exclusion clauses. The same situation applies to "work involving SARS bio-hazards" such as Covid-19 deep cleaning. Harrington Environmental have overcome this issue by extending our policy to cover Covid-19 deep cleaning. 

We may be of assistance if you can answer yes to any of the following questions.

  • Can a Covid-19 Deep Environmental Clean applying strict HSA / WHO protocols be of service?

  • Can automated fog disinfection machines providing 100% surface coverage be of service?

  • Can a "Clearance for Safe Re-Occupation", by an ISO 17025 independent testing laboratory be of service?

  • Can using a HSE approved contractor with haz training, equipment & specific Covid-19 insurance cover be of service?

If you need further information or a practical demonstration on how we implement each procedure to see the benefits it can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please Prevent Further Infection, Keep Safe & Stay Protected.