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Asbestos is commonly found in the ceiling of many older buildings, from commerial shopping centres,  offices, hospitals, schools, etc, to residential appartment blocks and houses. Harrington Asbestos specialise in the removal of asbestos ceilings from, 

  • Asbestos Textured Coatings

  • Asbestos Cement

  • Asbestos Insulation Board

  • Asbestos Sprayed Coatings

The benefits that Harringtons offer over many of our competitors when removing an asbestos ceilings is protection and peace of mind, as we provide appropriate asbestos training and specific
insurance cover to work with all forms of asbestos. Correct training and insurance cover is a vital aspect to consider when planning asbestos removal works, as all building / ceiling contractor insurance policies contain an asbestos exclusion clause that specifically excludes working / handling all forms of asbestos, due to the dangers associated with asbestos, when it is placed in the wrong hands.

Many business and building owners are simply not aware of the risks associated with employing a contractor to work with asbestos, who does not provide the appropriate asbestos training and who does not have specific insurance to work  with asbestos. Unfortunately in many circumstances this is not discovered until the HSA are involved following an accident, prosecution and subsequent claim for damages.

Harrington Asbestos Removal are OPW Approved & ARCA Site Audit Accredited. We remove asbestos ceilings safely, in strict compliance with the “Exposure to Asbestos” Regulations, to ensure that each removal environment is environmentally cleaned and completely safe and legally compliant during removal and on completion.

With over 30 years experience in the asbestos removals industry you can rest assured that Harrington Asbestos Removal is a name that you can trust. We offer well trained asbestos removal teams who carry out each step of the process – from the asbestos survey to the removal and cleaning of the asbestos and contaminated environment. To find out more about the asbestos removal services that Harrington Asbestos Removal offer, please call us on 01 8326292 or alternatively you can fill in our online enquiry form.

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