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To comply with Health, Safety & Environmental Regulations, Harrington Asbestos Removal hold hazardous waste collection permits for each local authority throughout the the Republic of Ireland. It is a legal requirement to hold a valid permit to collect and transport hazardous asbestos waste by road in the Republic of Ireland. Hazardous waste permit holders, are specifically trained and insured to collect asbestos waste. Waste permits are required to prevent illegal and dangerous transport and dumping of asbestos waste, which poses serious health, safety and environmental hazards when it is placed in the wrong hands.

When a hazardous waste permit holder collects asbestos waste they will issue a electronic Waste Transfer From (WTF), which is mandatory and is used by local govenerment to trace asbestos from the address it was generated to its final disposal. The WTF will outline details of our carrier's hazardous waste collection permit. It is a illegal offence to transport asbestos without a waste collection permit and WTF. A person guilty of an offence under these Regulations is liable (a) on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding €3,000, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months, or both, or (b) on conviction on indictment, to a fine not exceeding €500,000, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years, or both.

Many businesses and householders are not aware that there are special legal requirements to handle, package, transport and dispose asbestos waste. To overcome this, asbestos should only be collected by a company who has a hazardous waste collection permit issued to them by your local authority. If a company does not have a waste permit to collect asbestos waste they are not permitted by law to transport asbestos, as this leads to illegal packaging being used, dangerous transport by road and illegal dumping of toxic asbestos waste.

Asbestos Waste Collection Permits have been issued by each local authority to Harrington Asbestos Removal, who they have vetted and approved to handle, collect and dispose asbestos waste in a safe and legal manner. As an Asbestos waste permit holder, Harringtons are trained, insured and carry ADR Dangerous Goods by Road licences, to ensure that all asbestos waste we collect is removed, packaged, transported and disposed correctly, as permitted by law.

All Asbestos waste collections must be legally certified by a waste collection permit holder when the asbestos is collected so that the waste is fully traceable from its removal location through to its final disposal. It is a legal requirement for businesses and householders to ensure that their asbestos waste has been collected and transported by a waste permit holder to ensure that the asbestos waste is not transported and dumped illegally. If the waste collector does not have a waste permit they are not permitted to collect and transport asbestos by law and their actions to do so, without a collection permit, is an illegal activity and must be reported to either the Health & Safety Authority, the Environmental Protection Agency or your local County Council, in order to help prevent the rise in illegal transport and dumping of toxic asbestos waste. 

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