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Harrington Asbestos Removal specialise in the Asbestos Surveying, Removal and Disposal. We have over 40 years extensive experience dealing directly with asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos by its nature has a fragile composition and hazardous nature. Its removal, by Harrington Asbestos Removal is undertaken by experienced and trained crews, who are equipped with the correct ’state of the art’ abatement equipment. At Harrington Asbestos Removal we enforce a stringent Health & Safety Policy to remove, transport and dispose Asbestos Containing Materials to comply with Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations.

At Harrington Asbestos Removal we have extensive knowledge and experience removing asbestos containing materials from Domestic, Industrial & Commercial Buildings. Our roofing & cladding division specialises in asbestos roof refurbishment through Harrington Precast Concrete Ltd, where our asbestos, roofing, cladding, crane & plant hire divisions stem from. Harrington Roofing & Cladding provide new high-specification roof and cladding systems to achieve optium fire-rating and thermal insulation properties, to comply with current fire and energy conservation building regulations.

Please visit our roofing and cladding webpages which are located on the Harrington Precast Concrete Limited website at the following link "Harrington Roofing & Cladding"

From our bases in Dublin & Mayo we offer a nationwide asbestos surveying, removal, disposal and reinstatement service.

With over 40 years experience in the asbestos removals industry, you can rest assured that Harrington Asbestos Removal is a name that you can trust. We offer well trained asbestos removal teams who carry out each step of the process – from the asbestos survey to the removal and cleaning of the asbestos and contaminated environment. To find out more about the asbestos removal services Harrington Asbestos Removal offer, please call us on 01 8326292 or alternatively you can fill in our online enquiry form.

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