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€100,000 fine handed down following asbestos exposure

Harrington Asbestos Removal were instructed to carry out a controlled environmental clean of an asbestos insulation board ceiling that was removed illegally by a building contractor without prior notification to the Health & Safety Authority, leading to extensive contamination across the site and dangerous exposure levels. The picture below is from one of the gully's on-site that was blocked up with broken shards of asbestos insulation board from where the workers recklessly broke the asbestos up into pieces and attempted to wash the problem down the drains.

The root cause of the uncontrolled removal works which lead to the workers involved and those in the vicinity at the time being exposed to dangerous asbestos exposure levels, was in no small part due to the fact that there was no statutory Pre-Refurbishment Asbestos Survey carried out in advance of works taking place. There is a statutory legal requirement in Ireland to identify and risk access asbestos materials in the fabric of a building prior to any refurbishment or demolition taking place.

Prior to carrying out the environmental cleanup, Harrington Asbestos Removal where instructed to carry out an asbestos survey to access the extent of contamination involved and risk access the appropriate control measures required to contain the asbestos and remove the contamination under the instruction of the Health & Safety Authority as licensed/notifiable asbestos removal works.

Further details on this asbestos exposure incidence can be found on the Healthy & Safety Authority website link below,



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