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6 Reasons WHY?

1. Stringent rules exist to ensure that Approved Contractors operate to high standards of workmanship and Health & Safety Management. On job completion, a certificate of cleanliness is issued as proof that the work was carried out in full compliance with the Exposure to Asbestos Regulations.

2. Approved Contractors are audited at least twice yearly to ensure high standards of workmanship and Health & Safety Management are maintained.

3. An Approved Contractor must hold and maintain appropriate levels of specific asbestos insurance cover to remove all forms of asbestos containing materials.

4. An approved Contractor is confirmation that their personnel receive annual asbestos specific training and medical screening in compliance with the Asbestos Regulations.

5. Approved Contractors have qualified expertise and specialist abatement equipment that is tested and certified bi-annually in compliance with the Asbestos Regulations.

6. Approved Contractors hold multi-region asbestos waste collection permits as required to transport asbestos waste in Ireland and will provide a site specific asbestos waste transfer form on job completion, along with a certificate of removal conformity.


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