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Asbestos Removal Works?

Appointing | Planning | Removal

The above three terms are the fundamental of Asbestos Removal. The Clients have the legal responsibility to appoint the competent Asbestos Removal Contractor.

Owners and Managers of the properties are responsible to ensure that their employees and non-employees are not exposed to the health and safety risk due to the presence of Asbestos.

To reassure of the competency of the Asbestos Removal Contractor, the first thing to notice is their ARCA Site Audit Accreditation certificate. Secondly, the client should check if the contractor is a member of trade association to maintain industry standards and provide a safe guard. Client should always look for the use of LOGOS of the memberships of the Asbestos Removal Contractors.

HAR is a full member of Asbestos Removal Contractor Association (ARCA), under ARCA it is important to maintain a satisfactory side Audit to ensure the membership. ARCA members have unannounced site visits every year to deliver the best Standards possible.



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