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Encapsulation of Asbestos!!

"The Encapsulation is the process of applying an impermeable material over or around the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) which helps in prevention of fibre release under foreseeable conditions like vibrations, impacts and degradation due to aging. Hence, maintaining a Safe Condition."

The Encapsulation is one of the services which are provided by Asbestos Removal Contractors. The work of Asbestos Encapsulation depends on the factors like condition of the material, the control duration and the duration of the work.

A Specialist Asbestos Removal Contractor have the special knowledge, experience and the equipment to carry out the work safely, following the regulations. The Specialist Contractor should have the Insurance to carry out the work.

There are several Methods of Encapsulation which are commonly used, Like:

- Mechanical Encapsulation.

- High Build Elastomeric Coating.

- Penetrating Encapsulants.

- Water Based Epoxy Resins.



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