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Irish Company Fined for €50,000 for Exposing Workers to Asbestos.

As per the Irish Examiner report, a company in Cork has been fined for €50,000 for exposing their workers to the risk of inhaling the asbestos fibres. The incident took place during the demolition works at one of the office building in Mallow.

The company was pleaded guilty for two charges. Firstly, the company failed to ensure the safety, health and welfare of the employees at work. Secondly, failing to carry out a risk assessment. The main reason behind was demolition was carried out in an uncontrolled manner, causing damage to asbestos containing ceiling tiles and floor tiles at the office premises.

The Judge added to the conclusion by saying -"This is quite an alarming case as there is nobody, be that judge or labourer, who is aware of the dangers involved with Asbestos. Yet, this company carried on their work in a calm and relaxed manner in the presence of asbestos.

It is Employer's Legal duty to protect their employees' health if the workplace have possible Asbestos Containing Material and should always consult with Asbestos Removal Contractor to manage the Asbestos.



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