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Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and its Maintenance.

RPE is of prime importance to the Asbestos Removal Operatives. This article points out the major practical advice on the use, care and maintenance of RPE.

There are varieties of RPE available but experience shows that most suitable is the power assisted RPE. They are the full face mask where filtered air is supplied by the battery driven fan, which provides the protection in a convenient manner.

The RPE must be thoroughly cleaned, this includes the process of decontamination of the RPE. The process includes taking a shower while wearing the respirator, avoiding the wetting of the filter. The filter should be discarded and replaced if it gets wet to avoid any deficiency of the RPE. There are several more process involved and each Asbestos Removal Operator are trained to use their RPE efficiently.

"The RPE should be kept with care with frequent inspection and servicing within a time frame. RPE should always be of prime importance to the Asbestos Removal Operative and one should maintain them properly."



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