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What needs to be done after Asbestos Removal?

"It is vital that the property owners, managers, housing groups and all others take the risk from asbestos more seriously and deal with asbestos in a safe and controlled manner."

Asbestos is still one of the greatest cause of work-related deaths. With the death toll reaching more than 5000 in UK and Ireland, there is a need to take further steps into the safe asbestos removal practices.

The removal work must be carried out by Authorised Asbestos Removal Contractor. After the removal the site must be cleaned thoroughly, followed by the tests and re-occupation certifications.

The Test carried out by Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor to hand over the premises for reoccupation is called '4 Stage Clearance Test'. As the name suggests the test is based on four separate stages, which are carried out by qualified analyst.

Once the test has been completed without any difficulties, the Re-Occupation Certificate is issued to the Client. This certificate confirms that the building, or the specific part of the building is safe and sound for the re-occupation.



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