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Worker's Protection

The HSA is the Law Enforcer in Ireland when it comes to Asbestos Management. To protect the workers from the risks related to Asbestos Exposure, HSA has developed a series of Regulations.

These Regulations apply to all the work places and sectors of work, where there is a possible risk of exposure to Asbestos during work. The people who are working at the site must get the required level of protection for them to do their work safely, with compliance to health and safety.

The Legal defined value for exposure limit to all type of Asbestos is 0.1 fibres/cm3. This is the maximum limit to which a person can be exposed. All the Employers have the duty to protect their employees' health if there is a possibility of ACM in an environment.

The ACM should always be dealt on Priority. It is always recommended to use the OPW Specialist Asbestos Removal Contractors for any work that involves any significant risk of exposure. The OPW Specialist Asbestos Removal Contractors must use all the suitable control measures to keep the Asbestos exposure under limit.



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